I am a dilettante and dabbler. I am not an authority or expert on any topic, product or service.

This blog was originally created and used for the purpose of communication with my niece about a hobby we share. It's evolved into something a little more than that now -- when I figure out what, I'll articulate it here. In any case, I write it, I edit it and unless otherwise indicated I take the photographs. My writing, views, enthusiasm and opinions, such as they are, are my own.  

Unless noted, all polishes featured here were either purchased by me or received as a personal gift. 

Sometimes I use images that I believe are part of the public domain. I do not claim to be the owner of these images and all content is copyrighted to its respected owner. If you are the owner of content that you do not want me to use, please contact me and I will remove it as soon as possible. 

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