Friday, April 26, 2013

Shimmer Polish Tiffany over Color Club Foil Me Once

So Eleanor I thought I'd make a blog and post my polish looks for your viewing pleasure, what do you think? I think it'll probably be a mess at first. Hopefully I'll get better with practice.

I did this look with Tiffany, a handmade indie nail polish that I bought from Shimmer Polish on etsy. This is polish is all pale pink and light blue glitter in a clear base. That's a lot of glitter! If you want an opaque look you must either apply multiple layers or use another polish as a base coat and top that with the glitter polish, which is what I did. 

Coincidentally, I happened to get the perfect base coat in the mail (an ebay purchase) right around the same time that Tiffany arrived Sometimes things just turn out like they should, you know? I wish I could say the same about my polishing technique. Anyway, the base coat is called Foil Me Once, and it's a pink foil or metallic polish by Color Club.

Let's get to the photos, m'kay?


Shimmer Polish Tiffany and Color Club Foil Me Once

close up of the bottles

pinkish and glittery, eh?

wow my cuticle looks scrumptious... NOT
Later on, I added a matte topcoat, which I thought looked pretty cool.

Shimmer Tiffany over Foil Me Once with matte topcoat


"the claw"
 Well there you go, hope you like it. I'll try to make another post soon!

Aunt Liz


  1. I love the site!It is awesome,I was wondering if you know how much nail polish you have? love: Eleanor

    1. I have a lot of polish, you know that! I haven't counted. I probably will, though, when my new nail polish rack gets here. I ordered one custom built to hang in my walk in closet, how cool will that be? When I get that installed, I'll count all my polishes and let you know....smooches!