Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's a Dotticure, Y'all!

Well Eleanor, once again I have stepped out of my comfort zone and into waters that are over my head. How could I not share that precious moment with you?

It started innocently enough. A new and different polish, a manicure, some photos... and then... then I found myself contemplating my dotting tools and the other polish colors that are grouped on the edge of the bathtub waiting for me to try them. The next thing I knew, there were blobs of polish everywhere and I sensed the metaphysical sands shifting beneath my wayward feet. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The new and different polish in this post is Rose by Julep. Rose, as you would imagine, is a rosy red creme polish. Actually, sexy Julep describes it as a "juicy watermelon red." It's a bright medium cool-toned red with pink undertones, well-behaved in application and drying to a glossy finish. Would you like to see it? Sure, I knew you would.

Julep Rose

Julep Rose

Julep Rose

Julep Rose

at the window...

Julep Rose

Julep Rose

Julep Rose

Julep Rose

Julep Rose

Julep Rose

Lovely and as fine on the nubbins as any polish could be.

Then, of course, came the dotticure. I bet you can guess what a dotticure is, no? Dotting + manicure = dotticure. Feeling that it would be a good idea to heed the words of wisdom we all know so well, ie "experience is the best teacher," I grabbed my dotting tools and some other polish colors and just stepped on up to that plate. 

Yes, disaster ensued -- but I learned a lot! 

Here's what all I used:

dotticure stuff!

Most of the above melange is familiar to you, I think. The red polish is Rose, of course, and the blue Julep is Amy. The chartreuse-looking Sinful Colors is actually Unicorn, a medium yellow and not, as I learned, the best polish for making yellow dots. A little on the thin and not-as-opaque-as-you-want-it-to-be side. (Note to self: get a better yellow polish!) But good enough for a rank amateur wanting to practice her dots. Then there are the two dotting tools I used, my clean up brush (remember when you were here and it got lost in the living room? we finally found it!) and my cute little dapping cup for holding clean-up acetone.

I will save the exploration into dotting technique for a time when I've actually gathered some knowledge worthy of sharing, if that ever occurs. Safe to say that I have a long row to hoe. For now, I can only tell you that I did two sets of dots on top of the Julep Rose manicure. I did a set of large blue dots and a set of smaller yellow dots on top of the blue ones. The effect is, uh, well it's colorful, how about that?

le dotticure


dotticure at the window...

and so on...

and so forth...


go dotticure go...

dotticure in da house y'all...


So there you have it, my first full dotticure -- may there be much improvement in the future. I figure I'll wear this long enough to accompany John to the NC DMV (North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles) today to register Moby. After that I'll remove it and start over. With other colors, of course.

Keep hope alive, Miss B!

Aunt Liz

ps Edited to add that the DMV clerk commented on my dotticure. She said it was "colorful." Ha!