Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley

This manicure is a redo of one I did while I was at your house. I even took some pics at the time but didn't like em enough to post. Turns out, Hare Polish Pegasus is très difficult to photograph and my pics this time aren't that much better than before. But that won't stop me from enjoying this mani and posting my photos anyway, ha!

Pegasus is a beautiful pale lilac creme with medium and small silver hex glitters throughout. Like other Hare polishes I've tried, you don't just paint your nails with Pegasus. Nikole's polishes aren't just nail paint, they are ornamental accessories. It's much more like "dressing" or "clothing" than "painting," I think. *lol* For this post, I have adorned my fingernails with Pegasus from Hare Polish....

Pegasus has a fairly opaque base. Then as the silver glitters are layered beneath it, they take on a look of matte white. So what you get is a dreamy misty milky violet filled with white puffs of layered glitters and the occasional silvery glimmer as light catches the exposed glitters. It's lovely. Quite suits a polish carrying the name of a magical mythical winged horse!

For underwear I grabbed Zoya Marley. Zoya describes Marley as "lightest baby lavender touched with a hint of gray-silver and a subtle pearl finish." And that's pretty accurate. It's a lovely creamy color that's a bit warmer than the base color of Pegasus. My application technique (such as it is) resulted in patchiness that you can easily see in the photos but I was ok with it since I was applying Pegasus over top. The photos show two thin coats of Zoya Marley and two medium coats of Pegasus.

what I used, left to right: NailTek II treatment basecoat, Zoya Marley, Hare Pegasus, Seche Vite dry fast topcoat

a look at Zoya Marley by itself -- despite my patchy application it did dry to a glossy finish

Zoya Marley, with nail ridges

Zoya Marley

Zoya Marley perhaps a bit brighter than bottle color after two thin coats -- next time I wear this one I'll do one thin coat and two medium, making sure I have plenty of polish on my brush

bottle shot: Zoya Marley and Hare Polish Pegasus

Hare Polish Pegasus, macro shot in the bottle

Hare Polish Pegasus, on my thumb and in the bottle -- this the first of a series of sunset shots

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley at sunset

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley at sunset

ditto, a little closer

hmm, what to call this kind of light... shade at sunset?

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley, shade at sunset

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley, sunset shot

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley, shade at sunset

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley, shade at sunset -- I took these on the front porch and right off the porch in the front yard

extreme close up whooaaaa!

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley, sunset shot

"the claw"

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley, this photo and those that follow I took in the early morning standing in the driveway...

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley

Hare Polish Pegasus over Zoya Marley, "the claw" modified

Yeah so I'm still not happy with the photos of this polish. They are an epic FAIL at showing the glitter the way it looks in person. The layered, white-looking glitters show ok, but the camera translates the silvery glitter parts as dark gray. Which they're not, of course, they're silvery. But without the dynamic of reflecting light that you have in person, there's an illusion that the glitter is either sunk into the polish surface or curling up out of it. Gah. Unsatisfactory.

I'd never say such a thing about the polish itself, NATCH! I love this delicate magical polish with its silvery flashes! The color is very very nice next to skin with cooler-toned pink-based coloring like I have. 

Far more polish makers do light purple that leans a warmish lavender rather than the bluer lilac-y coloring of Pegasus. Even with the lightest tints of a purple (that is, the hues that are created by adding white), the line between a lavendar and a lilac is still clear when you look at them against skin. Compare the color of Pegasus on my nails with the color of Marley, which is definitely a lavender, on my nails. See what I mean? Although I think I might prefer a lavender wall paint, in nail polish it doesn't look as good on my nails as I would like.

Strangely, though, I like warmer pinks better than cooler pinks. The worst pastel on me, in my opinion is the color you get crossing pink and lavender. Like, a purply pink. Ain't fittin', it just ain't fittin'!

In happier news, I got my polish rack installed! Not in the closet though. It just wouldn't fit in there without some major deconstruction/reconstruction. So I got Mark to put it up in the hall upstairs where the mirror was and I moved the mirror to the closet. I only have one not-so-wonderful photo, but here you go:

nice rack!

Whaddaya think? I like it VERY much.

Aunt Liz

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