Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The BEST Nail Mail!

Wow! Yesterday I got the best nail mail EVER! I documented it in a series of blurry photos in the half dark and now I'm going to share all of them with you!

First, here's how it happened: I saw a post on my friend Thithi's blog, ::pretty::tough::nails::, where she featured Orly Miss Conduct and I commented and said something like, oh I must have that beautiful polish! And she commented back and said, you want it? give me your address and I'll send it to you! And I said, No way! And she said, Way! And seeing as she had admired my CrowsToes Tequila Sunrise post, we decided to swap the Orly for the CrowsToes.

I've never done a swap before but I've read about them on perfumista and nail polish enthusiast forums so I know that a swap is never just a swap. That is, you don't JUST swap, you send, like, a care package and include surprises and goodies and such. So I put together a modest box of polishes including the CrowsToes and a few others and a luxe little nail brush and sent it off. And then what should come in the mail but a HEAVY package stuffed with a bazillion polishes!

Here's the package being opened by John with his manly pocket knife, who knew he was so keen on polish swaps?

"Message for you sir...."


Look at that! There's a nail buffer and lavender hand lotion and boxes FULL of polishes plus there's another one in the bubble wrap!

Three minis nested in the cute little NerdLacquer Box!

Oh! My very first NerdLacquers! Outed by a Probot, Cuprum and No Medal for Chewie! THREE NerdLacquers! *squeal*

In the bubble wrap, For the Twill of It, a duochrome from the new fall Essie collection!

The OPI box is stuffed with polishes!

Here's Orly Miss Conduct! I'm gonna be swatching this baby soon...

China Glaze Atlantis! Sorry it's so blurry but I was so excited my hands were shaking!

Orly Purple Poodle from their brand new fall Surreal collection!

Nubar's famous duochrome Purple Beach! This has been on my wish list forever! I feel a comparison post with this one and Essie For the Twill of It coming on...
ANOTHER NerdLacquer!! The Ring!! Gosh, Thithi!!

AND an Elevation Polish!! Azure Caverns!! I've wanted this, like, forever!! *squeal-o-rama* Thithi, how did you KNOW?!

LOOK at all the goodies!!! Squeee... *chokes on own saliva, coughs for five minutes*

Well! *wipes eyes* Thithi, your generosity is unmatched, you are the fairy godmother of nail polish, the BEST! I am going to feature every one of these on my blog. Thank you sooooo much!!

What do you think, Eleanor? Am I not a lucky lucky blogger to have a friend like this? Veritably washed by waves of benevolence and altruism! I better get swatching, eh? *happy sigh* Ah, me!

Aunt Liz


  1. Great teaser pics!! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your manicures! I've been laying low this week... recovering from sniffles and slammed at work. Hoping to catch up this weekend!!

    1. You've been doing such a great job with the challenge manicures, I loved your water marble! Hope you feel better soon!

      I've got Azure Caverns on today, what a sweet polish this is....