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Hare Polish What I Wore To The Revolution over Sation I'm With The Bandana

In this post I have another Hare Polish for you, this one's a topper (a glitter in a clear or lightly tinted base made to top another opaque color polish) called What I Wore To The Revolution. Why is it called that? 

Well this polish is part of a series of polishes that Hare put out for spring 2013 called The Last Queen of France. The last queen of France was Marie Antoinette, 1755-93. She was an Austrian who was married at age 15 to Louis XVI of France, then a prince age 17, in 1770. Louis XV, his father, died of smallpox in 1774 and when his son, Louis XVI was subsequently crowned she accompanied him in ceremonial dress. So she was never actually crowned queen, but is thought of as such since she was the wife of a king. Louis XVI himself was something of a nutcase and an incompetent king who spent a lot of money on himself and his court and was unable to connect with or improve the lives of his people. His reign was eventually engulfed by widespread social and political upheaval that became The French Revolution, 1789-99, during which both Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were executed and France transformed from a monarchy to a republic.

Got all that? Good! I will quiz you when I come up for your birthday. All of the polishes from Hare's The Last Queen of France series are named after aspects of Marie Antoinette and her reign. Marie Antoinette was into style big time. Thus the name, What I Wore To The Revolution.

What I Wore To The Revolution is a blend of matte/satin hexes and squares in black, hot pink and bright orange in a clear base with beautiful sparkly silver shimmer. After looking at pictures from reviews of it online, I decided to go with underwear in the dark gray family. From a recent purchase of Sation polishes, I picked out a bronzy gunmetal color called I'm With The Bandana. Here they are in the bottle...

Hare Polish What I Wore To The Revolution and Sation I'm With The Bandana

And here's macro shot of What I Wore To The Revolution in the bottle...


The little gray bits that you see in that picture are actually the silver shimmer. Remember, the camera reads silver as gray. The shimmer doesn't really show itself until you see it in sunlight, where it puts out tremendous sparkle. I read a review of this polish that said that the silver shimmer used by Hare in What I Wore To The Revolution had the reflectivity (sparkle power) of glitter, and I agree!

Hare Polish What I Wore To The Revolution over Sation I'm With The Bandana

a somewhat shady shot

at the window -- the polish looks kind of blue to me here, does it to you?

Hare Polish What I Wore To The Revolution over Sation I'm With The Bandana

with the What I Wore To The Revolution bottle

with the I'm With The Bandana Bottle

again, with the I'm With The Bandana bottle -- this really shows off the underwear color I think

showing a bit of shimmer

shady shot, this is what it looks like most of the time

a rather gruesome macro shot on the nail that  includes a bubble in the polish (my bad) -- you can also see how the gltters and shimmer actually sink down into the polish

I think I may be predisposed to love all polish from Hare, but that's ok right? Gotta love your indie polish maker!

I love What I Wore To The Revolution, I love it's speckled look. I don't love the photographs I took. I think they kind of make the polish look messy somehow. But that is on me with an absence of finer polish application skills and a lack of picture-taking finesse. Also, I'd worn this polish for a day before I took the photos and had done various chores around the house plus pulled weeds in the pen (again without the gloves, when will I learn?). So there was some tipwear, which adds to to an appearance of untidiness (tsk!) especially when the photos are pretty close up. But that's no excuse!

The next time I wear this, and you can be sure I will wear it again many times, I will take better pictures!

Before I go, I wanted to show you all of the polishes I bought during my Sation haul ("haul" is happy consumer-speak for purchase; "haulage" is what you purchased.) So here are a couple of pics of my Sation haulage...

beautiful Sation polishes


The colors are, from right to left:

Sation I'm With The Bandana: a warm shimmering gunmetal
Sation 3 Freedom: a creamy putty/pale taupe
Sation Super Nail-tural Powers: a striking indigo/grape
Sation Rock-A-Guy Blue: a true denim blue
Sation Suede Shoes: a shimmering galactic blue
Sation Board Girl Blue: a cool cerulean blue
Sation Love is in the Heir: a powder blue with silver shimmer
Sation True Red: a carmine red
Sation Redwood Crème: a creamy coral
Sation Off The Record Pink: a hint of baby pink
Sation Strumming My Nails: a sleek grayish off-white

Not pictured because it was downstairs waiting to get swatched is Sation Violet Flare, an electric purple.

Delish, all! Any you would like to see swatched or in person, just let me know. Oh and BTW (By The Way) I made a list of all the polishes in my stash, you can find it by clicking on "Stash," at the top to the right. Didn't count them though, I'll leave that to you. *wink*

Aunt Liz

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