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Variations On A Theme: Hare Polish The Sky Was Pink and Butter London Disco Biscuit

Two vivid deep pink polishes with royal blue glitter. That's what the title of this post is about.

But first, a confession. I lied! I found another red polish in my stash. So that means I have four, so far. I may find another one any minute, who knows! The other red that I found is one of the sexy Brazilian polishes I got on ebay, Impala Ruge.  

Impala Ruge with its cute bottle self

Impala Ruge on the nail

nice, eh?

I think I love this polish *shock*

These Impala polishes apply beautifully. The brushes are long, with thicker bristles than my other polishes. The tip of the brush carries a lot of polish, I think because the bristles are split at the tip. Having that extra volume of polish at the tip of the brush makes it easy to cover the whole nail smoothly. The Impala polishes are very pigmented also. The above photos show only one coat! If I was going to wear it alone I would add another coat, to soften the appearance of my ridgey nails and make the color as rich as possible, but I think it looks pretty good at one coat. Gotta love that, no?

I found this red when I went looking for "underwear" for a dark pink polish with blue glitter from Hare Polish called The Sky Was Pink.

Hare Polish The Sky Was Pink

The Sky Was Pink MACRO shot

As you can see, The Sky Was Pink has bright blue hex (hexagon, six-sided) glitters in two sizes, bright blue square glitter and pink micoglitter in a warm-toned saturated bright pink base. I used the red Jade Ruge underwear with this to reinforce the warm and vivid quality of the pink but really it didn't need it. This base is pigmented and saturated enough to stand on its own. I adore warm toned pinks -- pinks with just a wee touch of yellow in them. A beautiful contrast to the blue of these glitters. I'm a total sucker for color combinations like this.

Now for the rest of my Hare Polish The Sky Was Pink over Impala Ruge photos. Please excuse the sad wounded cuticles.

Hare Polish The Sky Was Pink over Jade Ruge

at the window


a little blurry but you can see how the blue glitters catch the light -- delish!

no, that's not a BOOGER on my pointer fingernail it's an errant piece of pop-up glitter

The Sky Was Pink -- TDF, no? Love it! Love Hare Polish!

After I swatched this I noticed that I had another pink with blue glitter, Disco Biscuit by butter London, sitting next to my manicure spot at the kitchen table. I thought, wow cool I'll do two different polishes with the same basic composition in one post! So I set about removing The Sky Was Pink.

I think I mentioned once before that removing glitter polish is not easy. It is not like removing polish that doesn't contain glitter. There is a very very strong bond between the glitter and the nail surface. You literally have to soak the nail surface in remover to break that bond and then when you do, the freed up glitter goes all over the place. I had blue glitter everywhere! On my face, in my hair and of course all over my hands. So if you see loose bits of blue glitter in this next series of pictures, that's why.

Disco Biscuit. How much do you love that name? DISCO BISCUIT, love it! That would be a good name for a race horse, no? Or a band! I would probably love this polish no matter what it looked like simply because of the name. As it turns out, the look is awesome also. Disco Biscuit is a saturated deep vivid pink, almost a fuchsia, with royal blue microglitter

Because I had such fun with Impala Ruge, I picked out another Impala to use as "underwear" for Disco Bicuit. It is called Marilyn. In the bottle, it's a deep vivid pink but on the nail it does have a purplish or magenta tone that doesn't really show very well in these photos.

Impala Marilyn (tip of the hat to Marilyn Monroe)

Impala Marilyn

I'm quite liking this, you?

Again, application was fabulous. The above pics show only one coat.

And here's the second variation on our theme of vivid pink with bright blue glitter: butter London Disco Biscuit...

Impala Marilyn with butter London Disco Biscuit (BISKETT!!!), nice match!

butter London Disco Biscuit bottle shot, see the blue microglitter? like tiny blue sparks! that's Impala Marilyn by itself on my nails

butter London Disco Biscuit over Impala Marilyn

blurry but you can see the sparky blue glitters

The day I took these photos it was cloudy AGAIN☔☔☔ and I felt like none of the photos I took really showed just how spark-like the blue microglitters in this polish really are. That night, in desperation, I took some flash photos.

a little better

aha! THERE they are!

the sparky blue goodness that is the true soul of butter London Disco Biscuit -- note the extraneous glitters left over from removing The Sky Was Pink... try not to note sloppy polish on cuticles

In person, Disco Biscuit on a cloudy day generally appears as a vivid dark pink creme with purple overtones. But it comes alive in certain lights, bursting with blue sparks as you can see in the flash photos. That, to me, is really what this polish is all about. 

So there you have it my dear, two polishes with the same components that are distinctly different from each other. I'd say that The Sky Was Pink, which I think is inspired by sunset colors, is more rustic, pastoral and fun. Disco Biscuit (BISKETT!!!) is fun also, no doubt about that, but it has a more refined look and with the blue sparks popping out like champagne corks, very celebratory.

What do you think of these two polishes, Eleanor? Did you like one better than the other?

Aunt Liz

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