Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur over Sation Love is in the Heir

I am on a roll with my Hare Polishes, no? Keep talking while the flavor lasts!

In this post I have for you Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur, another polish from their series The Last Queen of France, over Sation Love is in the Heir. Rococo Grandeur is a pale blue "crelly" (cross between a creme and a jelly) with soft pink and golden square and hex glitters in different sizes and a teensy bit of blue microshimmer. Sation Love is in the Heir is a powder blue polish with silver microshimmer. I chose it to wear under Rococo Grandeur because it matched Rococo's base so beautifully. Here they are in the bottle...

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur and Sation Love is in the Heir

they look great together, eh?

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur bottle shot

Rococo Grandeur is as glitter laden as the next Hare glitter polish. The effect, though, is extraordinarily dainty. The colors are one reason for this. Pale blue, pale pink, gold -- very feminine and soft. Then there's also the combination of glitter sizes and styles (matte and shiny) and the ratio of styles in the mix. The petite shiny pink and golden glitters in the milky pale blue base set a beautiful stage for the larger matte pink glitters. I've said it before, the creator of Hare, Nikole, is a GENIUS polish maker.

What? I haven't shown you any on the nail pics yet? Gosh, my bad! I've said this before too, once I start thinking about how to described a polish from Hare, I go on and on and on.

First let's see a few quick shots of Sation Love is in the Heir. I loved the wee bit of silver shimmer sparkling in this blue and I loved that the color was such a good match for Rococo, but I probably wouldn't wear this alone. It's just too sheer. Here are three coats, taken at night with flash...

Sation Love is in the Heir -- you can see how my nail ridges show through the polish... there is a product called "ridge filer" that supposedly evens out the nail surface so polish won't look like this, but I've tried four different ridge fillers and my ridges just laughed at all of them...

Sation Love is in the Heir, with nail ridges


Sation Love is in the Heir, close up showing more nail ridges, an air bubble, some small hairs (gross!) and a leetle bit of silver shimmer

last shot, Sation Love is in the Heir

Ok, now for the main attraction: Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur. I took these photos outside in the pen...

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur, shady shot

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur, close up

macro shot, on the nail -- see all the different pink and golden glitters? you can even see some that are layered under the second coat of Rococo Grandeur

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur

modified claw with wrinkly wounded cuticles (eww), but beautiful complex Rococo Grandeur polish

My apologies for the state of my cuticles. I can't seem to groom them without inflicting wounds and leaving flakes. Sigh. All I can hope for is that practice makes perfect, maybe my technique will eventually improve. 

A few words about the removal of Rococo Grandeur (or any glitter polish). It was difficult. I tried removal on one nail with just a cotton pad soaked in remover. Epic fail. So I resorted to the "tin foil" method. The tin foil technique is the only guaranteed way to remove glitter polish easily. Well, it's not exactly easy. But it does work. The way I do it is I take five cotton pads and tape each of them into a cone shape that will fit over the tips of my fingers. I take five small strips of tin foil and curl them into tubes that will fit over the cones. With a disposable plastic syringe, I suck up some pure acetone and squirt it into the cones. I put one cone with tin foil wrapping on each finger of one hand and squeeze the tin foil so the cones are snug against my nails. Then I wait for 5-10 minutes. I remove the cones (and find glitter and polish free fingernails, woohoo) from one hand, squirt in a bit more acetone, and apply them to the other hand and again wait 5-10 minutes. After I remove the cones from that hand, I wash my hands with salt scrub. 

That's how I remove glitter polish. Works every time.

The next polish I'll be showing you will not be a Hare Polish. Shock. But it will be glittery!

Aunt Liz

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