Sunday, May 26, 2013

Orly Gumdrop and Pahlish Green & Giggly

Got two fresh springy polishes for you in this post.

The first is from the mainstream (non-indie) polish brand Orly. Now I love indie polishes too much to have a whole lot of favorite mainstream brands, but I do like Orly. I LOVE their bottles, rubberized bottle caps (great for gripping), wands and brushes. And I LOVE that they have a history of creating polishes that are unusual for mainstream brands like duochromes, multichromes, cream glitters and specialty glitters. So I keep an eye out for Orly polishes.

The Orly in this post is called Gumdrop. Gumdrop is a clean slightly green-leaning pastel turquoise cream. In the bottle it actually looks more like a minty green, but on the nail it is definitely a turquoise and calls to mind the famous color tiffany blue, the "official color" of the famous jewelry store Tiffany's New York. (Hey remind me when I come up and we can watch the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with dreamy Audrey Hepburn! It's an older movie but I think that you'd just love it.)

I was actually looking for a minty green when I bid on this on ebay. Even though it is not the minty green I was hoping it was, I'm not sorry I won that auction. It's a fantastic polish, very pigmented and opaque, self-levels nicely and dries to a glossy finish.

Two coats of Orly Gumdrop over my Nail Envy basecoat and no topcoat for these pics. I kept admiring how glossy the finish was so I took quite a few...

What I used: Orly Gumdrop and OPI Nail Envy

Orly Gumdrop -- notice that my nail ridges are visible underneath but not THROUGH the polish, this is excellent performance for a pastel colored polish

Orly Gumdrop

Orly Gumdrop -- delicious shiny blue...

at the window...

Orly Gumdrop

Orly Gumdrop -- loads o' glossy goodness!

Orly Gumdrop

Orly Gumdrop

Gotta say, I'm kind of loving this shiny tiffany blue polish! I bet it would look GREAT on you. Should I bring it?

I had wanted a mint green polish as a layering base for a pastel mint cream glitter polish from indie polish maker Pahlish called Green & Giggly. Right up your alley, eh? Green & Giggly has "a creamy mint green base with violet pink micro flakies, periwinkle satin hex, and pale green squares." There are tiny light green shiny hex glitters in there also. The whole thing is actually a lot more subtle than it sounds, you'll see.

I decided to try Green & Giggly over Gumdrop despite the difference in colors. I figured that at least with underwear I wouldn't have to use a whole lot of Green & Giggly to ensure opacity, plus there'd be the added layer benefit of reducing the visual impact of my nail ridges. I'm finding that four coats of polish or more is best for minimizing the furrowed appearance of my nails.

So over Gumdrop I applied two coats of Green & Giggly and finished off with a coat of Sec 'n Dry...

Pahlish Green & Giggly bottle shot

macro shot in the bottle... BOLO: violet pink micro flakies, tiny green hexes, periwinkle satin hexes, sage green squares

Pahlish Green & Giggly over Orly Gumdrop

Pahlish Green & Giggly over Orly Gumdrop

extreme close up whoa!

Pahlish Green & Giggly over Orly Gumdrop

Pahlish Green & Giggly over Orly Gumdrop in the pen y'all!

Pahlish Green & Giggly over Orly Gumdrop, washed out a little by bright sunlight...

Pahlish Green & Giggly over Orly Gumdrop

Pahlish Green & Giggly over Orly Gumdrop

Pahlish Green & Giggly over Orly Gumdrop

Pahlish Green & Giggly over Orly Gumdrop

I love this sweet softly speckled pastel polish! For a glitter polish it's kind of under the radar, you know what I mean? The amount and colors of glitters are just right. You don't necessarily notice that's it's a glitter polish until you start to get close and really look at it. It's has such a breezy companionable friendly sense to it, like it's a really good pal you'd just love to go out shopping with on a spring or summer day. Hmmm, who does that remind me of, I wonder? Could it be... YOU? 

Aunt Liz

ps. My birthday card was TDF! Loved it!

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