Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My very first NAIL ART y'all!

Ok, this kinda turned out, like, really really really really messy rustic. But I did it. I crossed that line. The line where it says on one side "paints nails" and on the other "beautifies the nails with patterns, paintings or other decorative motifs."

How did this happen, you may ask. And well you may. Actually, I was inspired... by YOU, Eleanor! I was thinking about what all polishes to bring up with me, and what kinds of colors, and then I thought, what else can we do besides different colors? 

Well, there are decals. Do you still have the hello kitty decals we got at SEPHORA? We can do those. And then I thought about your little fingernails and I thought: flowers. Little dotted flowers, one on each of your nails. 

So I had that idea in my head. I bought some dotting tools from a website. I put them in my nail polish "go tray" (this box where I keep stuff I use regularly like base coats, top coats, nail files, cuticle sticks, polish remover, sponges, cotton pads, etc etc etc -- you saw it, I think). Every time I did my nails I looked at those dotting tools and thought, one day soon I'll be making little dotted flowers.

And today turned out to be that day. Who knew!

Ok before I get to the photos, which are adequate but not good (kind of like my cuticles?), let me tell you what products I used. For my base color I painted my nails with Zoya Jo, a "delicate and serene looking medium periwinkle blue with subtle silver and blue toned shimmer." Periwinkle is such a happy blue, don't you think? These pics are two coats of Jo, no topcoat. After I took them, I added another coat of Jo to try and soothe the savage nail ridges.

Oh, a reminder: I'm sporting wee nubbins now since the epic nail breakage.

Zoya Jo in the shade

Zoya Jo in the sun with wackadoo nail ridges


Zoya Jo

For the flower petals I decided to use Sinful Colors Snow Me White and for the flower centers I picked Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow. I used a piece of plastic for a palette, dripped two small pools of my flower colors on it and practiced making some dots on the plastic. And then I just went for it.

And this is how it turned out, three coats of Zoya Jo, dotted flowers plus topcoat...


cuteness, no?

yellow flower ring came with another bottle of sinful colors polish I got from a blog sale... Fuzzy said: Oh that is so cute it would be just darling on Eleanor. I was like, so, what -- and it's NOT darling on me?

You will notice that all pics so far have been of my left hand. That is, the hand that my right hand dotted the flowers on. I'm right handed. The right hand, the one that got dotted by my left hand, is a tad more... uh, randomly done. You can imagine it I know, my sssshaky shaky left hand gripping the dotting tool like a toddler grabbing a mixing spoon, wobbling down towards the fingernail with a blob of polish the end of it. Some dogs just don't hunt, as they say. See for yourself...

what does not kill us just gives us something to laugh about afterwards


A tale of two pinkies!

the left one...

...and the right one. *chortle*

Now for the thumbs!


and right (some slacker did a really weak clean-up job here, no?)

happens every time...

back to whole hand shots, here's my left gripping the bottle of Zoya Jo...

... the flower colors...

... and the dotting tools!

dotting tool close up (hmmm, they could also use a better clean-up job, apparently the same slacker previously mentioned had a go at these too.)

rustic dotted flowers in the light of the setting sun

Before I stop for now, I'd just like to say two words about topcoat. Seche Vite (pronounced "sesh veet"). 

MUST HAVE topcoat

Seche Vite is the bombdiggity of top coats. Here's what the Seche Vite folks have to say about their product: "Seche Vite™ dry fast top coat is widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat. Specially formulated to penetrate through nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish. Guaranteed not to yellow while leaving nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling." I concur, and if I forget to bring you your own bottle of this fabulous stuff we will just make our way to your local Sally Beauty Supply there in Charlottesville and get one for you.

But we're going to Sally Beauty anyway, even if I remember to bring the Seche Vite. Because it's time, Eleanor. It's time for you to experience the product mecca that is Sally Beauty Supply. Sally Beauty is like Sephora's cheaper, woollier, harder-to-get-to-know-but-oh-so-very-worth-it-when-you-do fraternal twin. I will take you there and we will shop. Count on it.

Aunt Liz

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