Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zoya Skylar

Here's what may well be the most favorite Zoya polish that I own, Skylar. Definitely one of my favorite blue polishes. Rich, softly sleek and breezy but also grounded. Pretty much just plain lovely and a delight to wear.

Zoya describes Skylar as "a medium steel blue with a softened, dusty look and speckled by visible gold and silver shimmer flecks. A soft blue that's bold without being too dark, bright or flashy." I don't know about the steel blue part, to me it's more of a soft slate or denim blue. The finely flecked shimmer is mostly silvery to my eye, with muted hints of gold and pink and pale green that my photos captured only a little bit of but are more noticeable in person, especially in sunlight. The shimmer gives the finish a textured, layered look that is complex but subtle, very much in keeping with the overall feel of this polish.

I swatched Skylar before I started this blog but managed to take some ok pics including bottle shots. Take a look...

Zoya Skylar bottle shot

Zoya Skylar shimmer shot in the bottle

Zoya Skylar -- I like this shot showing the polish on my nails not gripping but next to the bottle, gonna try to remember to take more polish pics like this...

Zoya Skylar -- forgot to mention that I did use base and topcoats with this, I think I used Seche Vite topcoat which accounts for the extra glossiness of the finish. Seche Vite rules!

Zoya Skylar showing some shimmer baby...

Zoya Skylar

Zoya Skylar -- decent shot of the flecked shimmer finish that makes this polish more sophisticated than a plain blue creme

Zoya Skylar, shaded shot

Zoya Skylar against the linen pants I was wearing that day -- they go together fabulously, no?

Zoya Skylar -- shimmer shows up quite silvery here... my clean up leaves a lot to be desired too, ugh...

Zoya Skylar -- beautiful denim blue with grey overtones and hints of green...

Zoya Skylar

Zoya Skylar

Zoya Skylar

Gosh looking at these photos makes me want to put it on right now! But I think I've packed it up, along with about a bazillion other polishes (way too many but whaddaya whaddaya), to bring up with me to Charlottesville. I'd originally planned to leave today but John needs to use Frankie for important doctor appointments today and tomorrow. He got in a wreck with his van and it is totalled. A parts and scrap guy is coming this morning to tow it away. I think I have a picture of it, hang on...

Here we go. If this was a polish we'd call it Le Wreck by JFF (John Francis Fortys)...

JFF Le Wreck

JFF Le Wreck

JFF Le Wreck

JFF Le Wreck

No shimmer in that one, ha! So I will be up ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, Friday. Rather fitting, don't you think? *lol* How old will you be anyway, 16?

Humor, gotta have it!

Aunt Liz

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