Monday, May 20, 2013

Candeo Jellybean over Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

The polish look for this post is TDF SUPERCUTE! I mean what else could anyone say about a duckie yellow polish with round multi-colored glitter in it? I'm talking about Jellybean by one of our favorite indie polish makers, Candeo Colors.

Although the yellow base of this polish appears opaque (non see through) in the bottle, it is actually translucent (somewhat see through). I suspect that when polish makers create a glitter filled polish that they want to appear opaque on the nail, there has to be a trade-off between opacity and translucence. On the one hand, you obviously want the base color of the polish to be pigmented enough to cover the visible nail in color. But on the other, you also want that base color to be translucent enough so that when it is layered over itself and the glitter it contains, that glitter can still be seen.

As you should know having immersed yourself in the wisdom imparted by this blog (*cough cough choke*), polishes like this call for "underwear." I chose a nice daffodil yellow polish, Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen to wear underneath Jellybean. You may remember Mellow Yellow from my nail art post. It's a great creamy yellow color midway between lemon and butter.

Because of my nail ridges I had to apply several coats of Mellow Yellow to get a smooth even finish. I applied it over my OPI Nail Envy basecoat and then added a coat of Orly Sec 'n Dry fast dry topcoat to smooth it out and make sure that all layers below would be dry before I got to Jelly Bean. I used two coats of Jelly Bean and then a topcoat of Sec 'n Dry to finish.

A note regarding my cuticles and the surrounds of my fingernails generally. Not pretty! Sadly this is and as you have probably noticed has been their typical state. I am working on this problem but I have little hope that things will miraculously improve to anything remotely approaching glamour and beauty. 

So unless manna does one day fall from the sky let's put it out there that: A. my fingernail environs are naturally somewhat grotesque, B. I am truly sorry to subject your tender eyes to such sights, C. I wouldn't be able to show you the fabulous nail polish without likewise showing the funky cuticles, and D. C'est la vie. I'm ok with it if you are. Don't we both get tired of repeated apologies every time I post? From here on, I will only mention the periphery of my nails if it looks especially GOOD. *grin* 

On to Jellybean!

What I used, left to right: OPI Nail Envy, Candeo Colors Jellybean, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Orly Sec 'n Dry

Bottle shot, Candeo Colors Jellybean and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow


Candeo Colors Jellybean bottle shot with Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow on the nail

Candeo Colors Jellybean over Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

Candeo Colors Jellybean over Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

at the window

Candeo Colors Jellybean over Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

Candeo Colors Jellybean over Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

Candeo Colors Jellybean over Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

Candeo Colors Jellybean over Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

macro shot on the nail, see what I mean about translucent enough to be able to still see the glitter even after it's been layered over itself?

Candeo Colors Jellybean over Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

SUPERCUTE! I am never gonna be too old to wear yellow nail polish.

Remember the beautiful orange scatter holo polish by Chirality from last post, and my saying that I had four other Chirality scattered holos two of them green? Well I went looking in my nail polish pics and found the photos I took of those Chirality polishes. When they first arrived I was so excited I immediately swatched them skittles-style over whatever polish I had on at the time and took pictures. Here are the greens I'm going to try and remember to bring with me...

Chirality Kale, dark green scattered holo

Chirality Katydid, light green scattered holo

Scrumptiousness! And coming soon to a guest room near YOU!

Aunt Liz

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